Coaching And Mentoring For Your White Collar Criminal Justice Journey.​

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What I Do​

Coach & Mentor.

For Men, women and family members navigating the white collar criminal justice system.


Sharing my experience and insights and what I have learned from others along the way.


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Need Clarity?​

Let Me Show You I understand the nuances your situation, and have the experience and training to provide meaningful support.

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Why Work With A Coach?

When my journey began I was overwhelmed and felt isolated from family, friends, and community. Each day brought new challenges.

After weeks of searching I found a mentor/coach who had been through the white collar criminal justice system.

Finally, someone who understood, who was honest about the challenges to come, yet wasn’t trying to exploit my worst fears!


“I had been dragging my feet, and avoiding accepting the reality of my situation. I was scared of my own shadow, and I needed someone to hear me out; to listen and understand what I was going through, and help me move forward.”

A. A. – Florida

My Story​

After serving a 24-month sentence for a white collar crime, I have dedicated myself to serving others.

As a certified life coach, and mentor, I work with men, women and family members impacted by the criminal justice system at White Collar Coaching.

I also currently serve as the Deputy Director of Progressive Prison Ministries and its White Collar Support Group™. I was also a volunteer with Evolution Reentry Services and facilitated its weekly Justice Impacted Families Support Group.

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Work With Someone Who Understands.

How I Can Help.

Through my coaching, volunteerism and public speaking I have met and worked with dozens of men and women, and their family members. I understand the anxiety, and the questions that keep you, and your family, up at night.

Let me help you craft real solutions to your unique problems.

  • Where Do I Start? Everything Seems Out Of My Control.
  • What Are The Consequences For My Family?
  • How Do I Explain This To My Family? To My Children?
  • What Resources And Support Systems Will My Family Need? How Do I Find Them?
  • If I Go To Prison How Do I Prepare? Can I Use The Experience To Create A Better Future?
  • How Do I Talk Honestly And Effectively About My Past Conviction?
  • How Do I Rebuild A Career And Regain Financial Stability?

I Am Not A Prison Consultant.

No High Pressure Sales Tactics!

No Exorbitant/Upfront Fees or Hidden Costs!

No Up-selling, Workbooks Or Courses To Buy.

We Don’t Promise Outcomes.

Your Solutions Should Be As Unique As Your Problems.

We will work together 1-on-1, at an hourly rate you can afford.

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